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Commercial Awnings

Commercial or Business Awnings and Entrance Canopies add shade and comfort to your business by protecting doorways and windows from the direct heat of the sun.

Commercial Window Awnings

Besides the protection factor, a commercial canopy serves as a "blank canvas" for advertisement.

Retractable Commercial Awning

Awnings for Businesses

Commercial Awnings can provide the following benefits:

  • Draw attention to your organization and increase your business's identity recognition
  • To accent entrances and windows
  • To protect customers from the sun, snow and rain
  • To reduce interior heat absorption, lowering air conditioning costs
  • To reduce the fading of interior furnishings and merchandise

  • Entrance Canopies, Restaurant Awnings, Storefront Awnings and other
  • Business Shading Structures come in many shapes and sizes!

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